Takeuchi Final Drives

Takeuchi is a Japanese company founded in 1963 but they didn’t enter the construction industry until the 1970s when someone approached the president of Takeuchi wanting a more efficient approach to digging home foundations that would no longer involve pickaxes and shovels. Takeuchi met the challenge, leading to the development of the first 360 degree slew compact excavator in 1971. The compact track loader came about in the 1980s. Because skid steer loaders didn’t work well in wet, muddy conditions, Takeuchi went to work on a solution. The result was the tracked loader.

Compact excavators and track loaders are the Takeuchi Group’s core products. Takeuchi Group is well-known for a full line of compact construction equipment manufacturer specializing in track loaders, skid steers, excavators (including zero-swing excavators and conventional excavators), track loaders, wheel loaders, and associated attachments.